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We are focussed on solving the problems that really matter to our community. We want to be advocates for our members, providing them with a platform and a voice, to help shine a light on the joys and complexities faced by caregivers. We want to share stories, articles, digital content and advice to assist caregivers in navigating the complex caregiving journey"

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"Nearly one billion people worldwide suffer from some form of mental disorder."

Khayal Rakhna.. ..

"Khayal Rakhna is our musical tribute to recognise and celebrate the spirit of caregiving and our gratitude to the selfless spirit of caregivers around the world"


The Diary of a Caregiver

Your voice matters, even if you choose to remain anonymous.

Journey into the inspirational stories

The Diary of a Caregiver is a journey into the inspirational stories of caregivers that celebrates the unwavering strength and resilience across the globe.

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It provides a safe and supportive space where caregivers can share their experiences, learnings, and emotions, and connect with others who are facing similar challenges


Mental Conditions

Whether you're a seasoned caregiver or just starting out, our comprehensive guide is packed with valuable resources to support you on your caregiving journey.

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We’re here not only to stand-by you, but also to help build resilience through this journey so you find the strength to bounce back and lead a healthy life ahead.

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Care Give Share's community page - our aim is to provide a platform where people can connect, share their experiences, and offer support to one another.

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